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Welcome to our website! We will be launching very soon...

Cully Craft will be an online shop based in Cullompton, selling a whole range of craft supplies. We understand crafting can be a fun hobby for all ages, & also many people craft for business and this is an ever expanding niche. We hope to generate a community to connect a variety of crafters. We will have a Free member area on the website which is a little like a forum. You can make an account, log in. Share pictures of the items you make and share ideas and inspiration with likeminded people. It will be great for customers to see what other crafters have made with the products we are selling, and also hopefully generate a community of crafters.


If and when Covid allows, we may start offering in person workshops & events for groups of crafters to come together and learn specialist techniques and knowledge for skilled crafts such as jewellery making, cake decorating, candle making & soap making.

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